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The tools and resources linked on this page are for reference and planning purposes and should be combined with professional training from a qualified guide. The wrong application or error in use may cause injury or death. Backcountry travel remains dangerous.

Pikes Peak Resources

Current Weather on Pikes Peak

Summit Weather Station info here

This station is susceptible to the mountain weather and can often be out of order.

  • When the wind speed shows zero, question it. The anemometer is likely frozen.
  • Check the date of last reading to insure data is current.

Glen Cove SNOTEL (text)

Glen Cove SNOTEL (graph)

Snotel info here

This remote Snow Telemetry station measures snowpack and temperature data and is protected from the wind. Measured is Temperature, Snowpack depth and Snowpack Water Equivalency (how much water the snow would melt down to)

  • Check the date of last reading to insure data is current
  • Sometimes when it is actively snowing the snowpack depth will read zero

Pikes Peak web cams

Check date stamp on images, they are not always current.

Summit web cam (multi directional)

Pikes Peak Cam (Ute Pass)

Other web cams

Weather Forecasts on Pikes Peak

Elevation (13,750′)

Summit, NOAA point forecast (text)

Summit NOAA point forecast (graph)

Elevation (11,198′)

Glen Cove NOAA point forecast (text)

Forecast Discussion the for Pikes Peak Region

Glen Cove NOAA point forecast (graph)

Forecast Discussion info here

These weather discussions are local forecasters giving the point forecasts (above) value. They help to inform us what they are seeing in the computer run models and were the models tend to exaggerate or underestimate potential.

  • There are three discussion areas throughout Colorado (Pueblo is our local area forecast center)
  • Z or Zulu is equivalent to UTC (universal) time. For Colorado, the conversion is -7 hours in the winter and -6 hours during daylight savings time.

CAIC Weather Models & Stations

CAIC Models info here

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has tailored these weather forecasting models to be useful in tracking and predicting temps, wind, precipitation and more.

  • Default model is CAIC WRF
  • Models run every 6 hours for an 84 hour span
  • Usually choose the most recent model, if it shows less than 84 hours, computers are currently running the model
  • 700mb Ht-T-RH (Temps and Relitive Humidity at ~10,000′)
  • 700mb Ht-Wind (Wind at ~10,000′)
  • 300mb Ht-Wind (jet stream)

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