Cheyenne Mountain Day Hikes

From Old Stage Road just above the historic Broadmoor Hotel, several one day hikes are accessible. The shortest of the three is Grey Back Peak, a traverse that begins near Rock Creek and ends at the 9,300 foot summit. Just west of Grey Back Peak is a longer traverse out to Emerald Valley Ranch. Both trails share similar elevation; during high summer these areas are rich with wildflower. Cheyenne Mountain, has a serious altitude gain in the middle. Views of the city and the forest await you at the top.

Client Expectations:
No prior experience required

Cheyenne Canyon

Prices are per person

1 hiker, 1 guide

2 hikers, 1 guide
$215 ea.

3 hikers, 1 guide
$185 ea.

4 hikers, 1 guide
$165 ea.

Call for larger groups, 719-368-9524

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Cheyenne Mountain Day Hikes

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