Pikes Peak Barr Trail, 2-Day

One of our most requested hikes to the summit of Pikes Peak. This is a 2-day hike with an overnight at the historic Barr Camp where we will be well looked after by the caretakers. From Manitou Springs to Barr Camp takes around 4 hours of paced hiking to allow your body time to adjust to altitude. We overnight and acclimatize at 10,200′, then wake early the following morning for the ascent of Pikes Peak. From Barr Camp to the summit it takes roughly 6 hours of hiking along a well defined trail. Truly an enjoyable and nice way to experience this 14er! This is a year-round route option however in the winter months snowshoes and other considerations may be necessary. This route is a great training ground for climbing Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua and beyond.

For those climbing Pikes Peak or any 14er for the first time a guided ascent will greatly improve your safety margin as well as summit success potential. We are happy to impart our knowledge of high altitude and mountaineering along the way.

Descent Options:

  • Cog train** Once we summit, the train whisks us back to town in Chamonix Alps style. Train ticket are additional charge.
  • Hiking. For this options we often recommend our 3-Day Ascent due to the milage (18 miles) of this day and the mountain.
  • Van shuttle (when available). Additional charge applies.
    • $140, one hiker plus guide
    • $210, two hikers plus guide
    • $280, three hikers plus guide
    • $350, four hikers plus guide

2-Day ascent includes lodging at Barr Camp, meals and professional high altitude guides. Not included is cog train** tickets for descent.

2-Day Itinerary:

  1. Meeting, intros and gear check.  We meet for about two hours and go though our gear list and pack gear as a team.  This insure you have all needed items and your not carrying unnecessary weight. Then we transfer to the Barr Trailhead in Manitou Springs (6,700′). From here we start our 4-5 hour hike to Barr Camp (10,200′).  Overnight with the caretakers of the Barr Camp. They’re great folk and will serve us spaghetti for dinner and chat us up in the evening before we hit our sleeping bags in the bulk house around 9pm.
  2. Rise early for our summit push.  We start out by headlamp so that we get a good start on the day.  We take maintenance breaks ever hour or so to ensure we keep an “all day pace”.  The view above treeline will keep you going, this is why we climb! We typically share the summit with other hikers, and people who have rode the cog train or driven a car to the summit.  They’ll be impressed you hike to the top and will very likely be asked how long it took.  Answering “2 days” will likely shock the tourists. Once we’ve taken photos and taken in the views we’ll board the cog train** for the descent back to Manitou Springs.  The ride takes about an hour and a half.  Looking back at Pikes Peak from town is rewarding that earlier this day you stood up there.

1-day ascent (Barr Trail)** options are available (summer only). 1-Day descent options: if you choose, we can offer a ride off the summit via cog train** at additional cost, or transfer via shuttle. We are happy to assist you in any of these choices and build a custom program based on your desires. Call for more one day ascent options. 719-368-9524

1-day ascent (Crags Trail) while Barr Trail is the most traveled trail to the summit of Pikes Peak the Crags side offers a lower commitment for a one day ascent. The Crags trail located on the far west side of the mountain. Due to the location of the trail head, this is an all-day event; a camping option may be considered. Offered year round. Call for more one day ascent information. 719-368-9524

**2018-2020 Cog Train Update:  The Cog Railway will be closed this year for track update.  Our summit trips will consist of descent by foot.  

**COVID-19 Update:  Barr Camp is closed to all overnight camping through at least June of 2020. Beginning June 8th, Barr Camp will be open for limited services, including bathroom access, creek access, and the purchase of deck-side pre-packaged snacks.  The use of face masks and social distancing are required at Barr Camp. For the two-day option to the summit, we will access the Peak from the Crags side and camp accordingly.  All meals will be packed in and tents will be provided.

Client expectations:

  • Able to carry 30lb pack.
  • Able to hike 10 miles a day for consecutive days.
  • You will be on your feet for 5-6 hours a day for consecutive days.
  • This is not a technical climb, but it is a climb!
  • 12 miles to the summit. Plus 7,600′ vertical.  This feels more like a 20 mile hike.

**2018-2020 Cog Train Update:  The Cog Railway will be closed this year for track update.  Our summit trips will consist of descent by foot.  This is an 18 mile round-trip summit day and descent.  Three day ascent option available. 


  • Pikes Peak
  • other permitted 14ers available upon request

Trip includes:

  • Meals and lodging at Barr Camp
  • Professional high altitude mountain guide

Not included:

  • Cog Train** tickets or car shuttle descent options
  • Van Shuttle (additional charge applies)


Prices are per person

1 hiker, 1 guide

2 hikers, 1 guide

3 hikers, 1 guide

4 hikers, 1 guide

Call for larger groups 719-368-9524

Price includes lodging and meals at Barr Camp and trailhead parking.

Price does not include cog train tickets or car shuttle descent option.

**2018 Cog Train Update:  The Cog Railway will be closed this year for track update.  Our summit trips will consist of descent by foot.  

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Pikes Peak Alpine School operates under special use permits from the USDA Forest Service, Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider & employer

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