4-Day Mountaineering Course (Alpine Rock & Snow)

The skills and techniques taught in this course develop a strong foundation for the aspiring mountaineer and alpinist.  This course is conducted in the easily accessible and unmatched alpine terrain on Pikes Peak.  This is our most popular and intensive program and graduates of this course use this comprehensive training to climb in the great mountain ranges of the world.

Skills taught but not limited to:

  • Risk management in alpine terrain
  • Knot craft
  • Belaying techniques for rock and snow
  • Anchors for rock and alpine terrain
  • Rock climbing skills
  • Snow climbing skills
  • Rope management
  • Self arrest/team arrest
  • Snow anchors, pickets, ice axe T-trench, bollards, etc.
  • Introduction to short rope & short pitch terrain


Glen Cove on Pikes Peak

Client Expectations:
This is an intermediate level course and some previous mountaineering/climbing experience is necessary. Expect to spend up to 10 hours in the field each day.  All participants must be in great physical condition.

Equipment Provided:
Group and technical gear (not included on gear list)

• Lodging in Colorado Springs between field days
• Transportation and Pikes Peak Highway tolls ($10-15 per day)


Sample Course Itinerary:

Day 1:  Meet at PPAS shop in downtown Colorado Springs to review all gear required for the course. Discuss risk management and climbing resources.  Climb for the remainder of the day.

Day 2:  Meet at 7am for rock climbing in an alpine setting on Pikes Peak.  Skills covered include climbing 4th and 5th class rock, advanced belaying, anchors, rappelling, route-finding, and utilizing maps, compasses, and altimeters for route finding and terrain assessment.

Day 3:  Meet at 7am for a day of snow school and alpine rock/snow climbing on Pikes Peak.  Refresh foundational footwork and self-arrest techniques and then practice roped and un-roped steep snow climbing skills.

Day 4:  Ascent of Pikes Peak via a more technical route utilizing all the skills learned over the past three days.  Participants may be in the lead for portions of this ascent.

Guides will tailor this itinerary to best match the skills and interests of the group and in accordance with mountain weather and route conditions.

Public Course Pricing

May 24-27 2024


  • 36-40 hour public course (4-day)
  • Price is per person
  • 4:1 max. ratio
  • 2:1 min. ratio to run course

*Pikes Peak Highway tollgate fee of $15/person/day not included when we use the highway.

*This course may include overnights on the mountain (conditions dependent).

Call 719-368-9524 or contact us to book this course for one or more climbers.

As always, this course can be scheduled any day of the week as private instruction. Private courses for 3 or more climbers qualify for discounted rates.

Public Course Dates 2024

Pikes Peak Alpine School operates under special use permits from the USDA Forest Service, Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider & employer

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