2-Day Ski / Splitboard Mountaineering Course

Want to take the tour a little higher? Ski Mountaineering utilizes all skills and techniques climbers learn in backcountry snow and alpine rock courses. It is the ultimate climbing and skiing hybrid that allows access to more difficult snow covered peaks.

Trip requirements: Skiers and Splitboarders taking this course must be proficient riders in the backcountry and have previous touring skills and avalanche education. This is an intermediate level course and some previous mountaineering/climbing experience is helpful. Days average 10 hours so all participants should be in great physical condition.

Skills taught but not limited to:

  • Risk management in alpine terrain
  • Knot craft
  • Belaying techniques for rock and snow
  • Anchors for rock and alpine terrain
  • Rock climbing skills
  • Snow climbing skills
  • Rope management
  • Self arrest/team arrest
  • Snow anchors
  • Introduction to short rope & short pitch terrain

Public Course Pricing

2020 dates: April 25-26


  • 16-18 hour public course (2-day)
  • Price is per person
  • 4:1 max. ratio
  • 2:1 min. ratio to run course

*Pikes Peak Highway tollgate fee of $15/person/day not included when we use the highway.

Call 719-368-9524 or contact us to book this course for one or more persons.

As always, this course can be scheduled any day of the week as Private Course.

Private Course Pricing

1 skier, 1 guide

2 skiers, 1 guide

3 skiers, 1 guide

4 skiers, 1 guide

  • 16-18 hour private (2-day)
  • Prices are per person
  • 4:1 max. ratio

*Pikes Peak Highway tollgate fee of $15/person/day not included when we use the highway.

Call 719-368-9524 or contact us to book a private for one or more climbers.

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Pikes Peak Alpine School operates under special use permits from the USDA Forest Service, Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider & employer

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