South Platte Rock Climbing

Eleven Mile Canyon rests high in the rockies at 8,600 feet above sea level. The great stone domes there stay cool while the lower elevation crags cook during the hot summer months. These impressive formations offer up everything from top-shelf sport lines, multi-pitch trad climbing, and some challenging slabs as well. Last but not least, when the day is over, you can slip your feet into the cool clear waters of the South Platte River!

Turkey Rock ranks among the nation’s best places to learn to crack climb. With superb camping options and scenic vistas, it has a short approach and hosts the full array of crack sizes all tightly spaced on four stunning formations. There are routes from just one pitch to several pitches in length. It has desperate tips cracks, perfect hand cracks, foreboding offwidths and cavernous chimneys, and all the sizes between. Best of all, these climbs are found in the clean, bomber granite the South Platte region is known for. It’s pretty tough to beat.

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