Crack Climbing Camp at Turkey Rock, 2-Day

If you’re planning to get out of the gym, away from crowded sport-bolted crags, and climb your way up into the multi-pitch trad and wild alpine walls of your dreams – you’re gonna need to know how to jam! From technical tips locks and crack smears, to fist-stacks, knee bars, and chimneying; the full quiver of crack techniques can only be learned out on the real stone. Join our AMGA Certified Guides and Instructors to learn the intricate nuances and subtleties of crack climbing on the best granite splitters in Colorado.

Turkey Rocks ranks among the nation’s best places to learn to crack climb. With superb camping options and scenic vistas, it has a short approach and hosts the full array of crack sizes all tightly spaced on four stunning formations. There are routes from just one pitch to several pitches in length. It has desperate tips cracks, perfect hand cracks, foreboding offwidths and cavernous chimneys, and all the sizes between. Best of all, these climbs are found in the clean, bomber granite the South Platte region is known for. It’s pretty tough to beat.

Our guides find the ideal ratio of instruction-to-climbing to make sure you’re learning and integrating new skills seamlessly. Our campers walk away with:

  • Knowing how to confidently jam everything from tips, finger, off-finger (aka rattley), hand, cupped-hand, fist, and off-width cracks.
  • How to use optimal body-positioning and footwork for all sizes of crack, as well as tips on finding “cheater holds”, stemming and smearing.
  • Skin Protection and Maintenance. Knowledge of how to create tape gloves and how to tape fingers for thin cracks. How to differentiate the pros/cons of some commercially made crack gloves, as well as post-climb skin care.
  • Move-for-move feedback from our expert guides will ensure the best climbing habits are reinforced.
  • Analysis of traditional gear placements, anchors, and multi-pitch systems.
  • Two fully immersive days of getting real climbing-mileage in one of the best crack-climbing venues in Colorado.
  • Campfire fun, post-climb beers (for those of age!) and story-swapping with other friendly motivated climbers!

With the techniques and knowledge gained from our skills based, hands on approach, you’ll never be scared away from a climb with a few pitches of wide cracks, and will soon be ready to charge after lines everywhere from Indian Creek to the Diamond!

Client Expectations:
Previous outdoor climbing experience.

Equipment Provided:
Rock Shoes, harness, helmet, belay device. If you have your own gear, great! Bring it along!

Turkey Rock
Elevenmile Canyon (private course option)

2021 Public Course Dates:

  • October 2-3

See our Calendar for public course dates.

Crack Camp Public Course Pricing


  • 8 hour public course (1-day)
  • Price is per person
  • 4:1 max. ratio
  • 2:1 min. ratio to run course

Call 719-368-9524 or contact us to book this course for one or more climbers.

As always, this course can be scheduled any day of the week as private instruction. Private courses for 3 or more climbers qualify for discounted rates.

Private Course Pricing

1 climber, 1 guide

2 climbers, 1 guide

3 climbers, 1 guide

4 climbers, 1 guide

  • 16 hour private (2-day)
  • Prices are per person
  • 4:1 max. ratio (or 8:2)

Call 719-368-9524 or contact us to book a private for one or more climbers.

Pikes Peak Alpine School operates under special use permits from the USDA Forest Service, Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider & employer

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